How to convert CGPA into Percentage ℅

Its time of the year where CBSE announces the results of Class 10th Board Exams, that is, in the last week of the 5th month of the year, which is, May. The results of Class 10th which were conducted in the month of March 2017 will be announced in the last week of May 2017, CBSE Board announces the results of students in the form of CGPA which fullform is Cumulative Grade Points Average. Initially, we will learn what is CGPA. CGPA which stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average is the average of grade points which a student has scored in all five subjects without including the additional subject.

The study of CGPA is important for a student as it helps the students to study and analyze his performance in the board exams, exams which will act as foundation for them in the upcoming years in 11th and 12th. By understanding your performance, you can count on your abilities and know your limits, it will also help you in building up a plan for 12th Board exam which you can follow to improve performance and increase the number of percentage you have scored in 10th Class.

How to Calculate CGPA?

Convert CGPA into Percentage
Convert CGPA into Percentage

Calculating CGPA requires two simple steps, this process can be carried out by every student who studies in 10th Class.

Step 1: Check how many grade points you have secured in your main 5 subjects and add them

Step 2: After adding grade points of your main 5 subjects, divide the sum by 5

Example: The grade points of a student named XYZ are

Subject 1: 8

Subject 2: 9

Subject 3: 7

Subject 4 : 8

Subject 5: 9

Then the first step will be to add them, 9+8+7+8+9, which will give a sum of 41 grade points Now, for the second step, you have to divide the sum by 5, which will give you the result of 41/5=8.2 That means, Student A has secured 8.2 CGPA in Class 10th. Even though, the CGPA of a student is listed on the report card, you can count it yourself with the use of these two easy steps.

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How to Calculate Percentage from CGPA?

Now, we move on the main part of the article which will teach you how to calculate your percentage by using your knowledge of knowing your CGPA. On your report card, you’ll find out that CGPA of both 9th and 10th will be printed, but the CGPA of 10th should come into accordance for calculating your percentage. Calculating the percentage includes only one simple step which can be easily calculated with the help of a calculator or you can perform the calculating visually.

Note the CGPA printed on your report card and multiply it by 9.5

Example: A student named A in 10th Class has secured 8.2 CGPA, now, for calculating his percentage, he has to divide his CGPA with 9.5 which will give the result, 8.2*9.5=77.9

This denotes that Student A has secured 77.9% in 10th class.

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